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Playname: Pound of flesh
Start out on 5m - Offense w/ the ball and a defender on his back.

- Dribble the ball to the opposite 5m.

- Defender can hold, sink, or otherwise impede the player with the ball until 7m.

- At 7m, the defender stays with the player with the ball and plays good (legal) defense.
- The offensive player, "1", makes a good shot under pressure

- On the shot, the defender, "2", counters to offense and the shooter, "1", transitions to defense (tries to catch "2")
- "2" receives a pass from the goalie, and executes his best "1 on nobody" shot
- After the breakaway shot, players get back in line and switch roles...

Emphasis is on conditioning and finishing a counter attack with a good shot when exhausted.

Secondary objectives:
- Reaction to offense
- One on nobody shots
- Good goal pass to a breakaway defender

- Line up all players at 5m, start next group of players upon shot at far end of pool
- have extra balls for the goalies in case a player misses the goal
Drill submitted by: Michael C. Peterson
Sub categories: Swimming, Offense, Shooting

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